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An Unexpected Blessing

The Lord is my defender and provider!

Nearly one year ago I was expecting a disbursement from my Dad’s estate but one of my relatives contested the will attached to my Dad’s estate.  I then realized about 6 months ago that I might not receive any part of my inheritance portion.  I believe that the Lord came to my defense.  I thought, well it’s all in God’s hands. If He wants me to be blessed with that inheritance then, no lawsuit will stand in His way.  Praise God, to make a long story short and because of my obedience to the Lord’s prompting, I gave to the campaign.  After that time, all of the inheritance was released and came though; plus about 10% more.  Whatever door God opens, no lawsuit or any other threat can stop his provision! We just need to ask, give “and it will begiven”!

- Anonymous NLCC Member