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The Jacquemains have another praise!

The Jacquemain's business is continuing to expand and grow

Two weeks ago, Carla Jacquemain felt led to double her and her husband's campaign giving.

You see Carla was inspired by Pastor Mark's Spirit-led decision to use a portion of the funding for New Life's renovation project to bless area businesses. The Jacquemain's blessing came to them because they unexpectedly received two new clients from a competitor. This is something in the business world that almost never happens. After this, they unexpectedly received a large amount of money from another source. It was at this point that Dan & Carla were impressed by the Lord to donate a 20% tithe to the renovation campaign.

Living in the fruit of God's blessings has given them the freedom to give generously as the Spirit has led them. They were even able to bless one of their employees with a much needed vehicle.

When we step out in faith, God is faithful and in this case, both the Jacquemain's and New Life was blessed.