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Why is the renovation of our church building important?

Our church building is 40+ years old and is in need of urgent repairs. It’s simply time to update, renovate, and expand our reach for generations to come.

Will I receive a statement of my commitment? What if I can't fulfill my commitment?

The church will provide you with quarterly updates on the overall progress of the renovation and your individual contribution. It is important to stress that this will not be an “invoice” but simply an update. The reality is that your pledge is an estimate of the amount you plan to contribute. Although, if it is done prayerfully, your financial situation may change over the next two years. You may be in a position to increase your commitment, or perhaps it will be necessary to change your pledge. The leadership of New Life understands all of this.

Can I just shift my regular giving over to the renovation project?

No! Giving to this renovation project needs to be over and above what you normally give. If you simply move resources from regular tithing to the “Whatever It Takes” renovation project, then the ministries of the church will be negatively impacted. Instead, we ask that you consider how you might stretch and sacrifice to more effectively reach our community for Christ.

Will financial commitments be made public?

No! New Life has a privacy policy regarding sensitive financial information. We will inform the congregation of the cumulative commitment of our church family, but not of any individual giver.

How much am I being asked to give?

The extent of your participation in our renovation project is completely up to you and the Lord. First, we ask that you carefully consider what the Scripture teaches regarding faithful and joyful giving: “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9:7 (ESV) Second, we ask that you engage with God. We believe if you seek God’s will, He will lead you in your decision and likely put a specific amount on your heart and mind.

What will be expected of me?

We are hoping everyone who calls New Life their home will do three things:
1. Be informed - Attend upcoming special meetings, ask questions, read through all the materials we provide and check the church’s website for updates. Also, to help you understand New Life’s vision and goals, we encourage you to carefully listen to Pastor Mark’s message series on this topic.
2. Listen to God - Discover how He plans to use you during these exciting times. Our need to engage with God cannot be over-emphasized.
3. Sacrificially Give - We hope and pray you will accept the challenge to sacrificially give a one-time gift and/or a two-year pledge toward the cost of our church renovation. Together, our leaders are praying you will respond to this challenge in faith, join the New Life church family, and fulfill what God has placed on our hearts.

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